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Coaching + Consulting To Clear Your Path Through Divorce With Efficiency, Accuracy + Compassion.

Divorce is hard + potentially damaging to you, your children and your bank account. And misconceptions about divorce result in poor decisions and bad outcomes. One of the biggest misconceptions is that divorce is purely a legal process. It isn't. Divorce is primarily an emotional process of grief, loss, letting go, reinventing + then, hopefully, empowerment. Then, it is a financial untangling to separate and equalize assets and debt. The last component is the actual legal dissolution of a marriage contract. Assuming this process is only legal will immediately place you in a disempowering position, limit your ability to negotiate + create less than favorable outcomes.

Smart Divorce Strategy provides customized coaching + consulting services to minimize the emotional impact of divorce on you + your family, while creating a clear strategy to support your financial goals + legal position in court. We untangle the emotional, financial and legal aspects of this process to help you make informed decisions, create a solid legal position and negotiate for better financial outcomes. This comprehensive + coordinated approach is designed to empower you, while saving you time, money and stress.

Smart Divorce Strategy Services
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Smart Divorce Strategy Customized Services:

Coaching Tools + Frameworks:

  • Empowerment / Visioning / Positioning
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Post-Divorce Financial + Relationship Recovery


  • Financial Analysis + Risk Assessment
  • Financial Negotiation Strategy
  • Financial Outcomes Management
  • Legal Representation Identification
  • Legal Position Assessment
  • Legal + Financial Negotiation Strategy
  • Centralized Process Management

The Experience To Know What Matters.

Laura Miolla is the Founder + CEO of Smart Divorce Strategy. She is a Professional Certified Coach (CPCC + PCC), Mediator + Parentology Coach. She hosted a national radio show called Divorce Sucks: The Smart Girl's Guide To Doing It Better and is an accomplished writer with articles in online publications such as  Huffington Post, Yahoo News, Thought Catalog, Medium, Working Mother Magazine, Parents Magazine and Babble.

Having experienced divorce herself, she recognizes the need to empower others with the coaching tools + emotional support to use divorce as a springboard for positive change. No one makes great decisions when they're stuck in the fear-stress cycle. And addressing the emotional aspect of divorce separately from the financial and legal pieces (or not at all) results in costly inefficiency. 

After 10+ years of coaching people through divorce, she founded Smart Divorce Strategy to provide additional consulting services to centrally coordinate and manage all parts of the divorce process utilizing third party financial and legal partners. This model is designed to support a customized strategy that flexs with your budget and needs with efficiency, accuracy and compassion.

Laura Miolla

Client Testimonials

Andrea Tolman

“Laura is, by far, a remarkable coach. I have had an amazing and empowering experience working with her. I can 1000% attribute my success to Laura's coaching, guidance and love. Her passion for what she does resonates in her work, and she clearly cares deeply for her clients. There isn't anyone else besides Laura I'd rather have by my side to navigate this journey we call life. I am beyond grateful to have found her 5 years ago. THANK YOU, LAURA! YOU. ARE. REMARKABLE!”

Andrea Tolman

Assistant Vice President & Project Manager, State Street Corporation, Global Technology Services
Leslie Rezgui

“Laura was invaluable in helping me through my divorce in a graceful and amicable way. I was terrified of the process, but Laura helped me break it down into manageable "next steps" to be accomplished one by one. She also gave me infinite support in loving myself through it all. After my divorce, I was let go from my job of eight years. We created a vision of my ideal position, and a few months later, that job literally found me! AND in that same week, I met my current partner. Today, my life, job and relationship have never been better.”

Leslie Rezgui

Senior Manager, Technical Accounting & Financial Reporting, Experis Finance
Caroline Adams

“Laura’s help was invaluable as I transitioned out of a 12-year marriage and a life that felt full of unnecessary pressure, disappointing and frustrating at times. My experience with Laura helped me get a better appreciation of the woman I’ve always been during one of the most difficult timed in my life! From the very first discussion I felt challenged, validated, hopeful and empowered. I’m thrilled about moving forward in my life in greater wisdom, strength, joy and peace!! She is a great listener, holds me accountable to my feelings, choices and actions. She has a gift for making powerful life-changing concepts simple and clear! I tell EVERYONE I meet about her, so many of us suffer in silence with our own personal trauma, she’s truly a healer!”

Caroline Adams

Information Services, Emory Healthcare
Cara Shaw

“Coaching with Laura has given me ways to be the best version of myself in my personal and professional life. I went from a fearful call in my basement bathroom, wondering if I could plan a better life, to living my best life working in New York City. Instead of living in fear of negative perceptions, I have chosen to see the positive outcomes of my making good choices about my goals.”

Cara Shaw

Educator & Literacy Consultant

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