Laura Miolla

What is your relationship with relationships? The energy you bring to every relationship you have always changes the dynamic ... in your favor or not. Watch my brief video to learn what kind of energy serves you the most!

Too often, women bring self-limiting beliefs into their relationships. The biggest one I see as a coach is the idea that women have to make everyone else's lives easier than their own. It is the idea that our VALUE as women is directly tied to how much we help ... how much we are needed ... how much we can "make" other people happy. You can't make anyone happy but yourself. And your inherent value is based on WHO YOU ARE ... not on WHAT YOU DO FOR OTHER PEOPLE. The minute you believe that your value is in other peoples' hands and not your own, is the minute you've given away your power.

It becomes incredibly frustrating to be the person in the relationship that DOES everything. Women are wonderful multi-taskers ... but we are also super stressed in our lives. And the reason, again, is that we think we have to continually nurture, help and fix those around us. Anything else is considered selfish. Well, I'm here to tell you ... that just isn't true. You will end up DOING everything ... and not receive the respect and appreciation you deserve. Why? You're not saving anyone ... you're being a door mat.

It's important for you to question why you choose to do what you for other people. What beliefs are motivating those actions? Do those actions serve you? Is that care reciprocated? Challenge what you think a relationship really IS ... AND who you choose to be in that relationship. Don't give away your power. Own your value. You are in the driver's seat!

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