Laura Miolla

Your biggest divorce mistake could be what you expect from your attorney. Do you know what your expectations even are? There's a misconception people have about divorce that tells you hiring an attorney will solve all of your problems and get you the best deal. That isn't true. Watch my brief video to find out why.

Divorce is a process fraught with fear ... fear of the unknown, fear of the future, fear of scarcity. And so many people, when faced with fear, will run away from it. Avoidance won't help you in the divorce process ... it will actually hurt you. As my clients know, I often say that expectations will always sabotage you. And in the case of divorce, expectations will most certainly sabotage you. Without knowledge of this process, most people want to avoid it as much as possible and throw it over the fence to a divorce attorney to "fix" it. A divorce attorney WILL get you divorced ... but not necessarily with what you want. AND it will cost you valuable time, money and sanity.

So, as I state in this video:

CHECK your expectations at the door

LEAD in this process

KNOW what you want

DOCUMENT everything

This is YOUR life! Please don't expect an attorney will make decisions FOR you. Gain as much knowledge as you can to be better positioned. USE the expertise that is already out there ... Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, Mediators, Coaches, Therapists ... who specialize in divorce. Create a team where YOU are the quarterback and they all support you in achieving what you want for the future. After all, divorce is nothing more than the legal dissolution of a marriage contract. And yet, it is also a process where you are negotiating for your FUTURE. I want you to be proud of what you are choosing, regardless of the outcome!

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