Smart Divorce Strategy provides a range of services to empower you in all parts of the divorce process: the emotional, financial and legal. All three of these landscapes are intricately connected and addressing them together results in a clear strategy that minimizes risk, drives better legal positioning and improves financial outcomes. The divorce process, in its current state, is NOT comprehensive, coordinated or customized for you and this cookie-cutter approach is not only disrespectful and uncompassionate, but also lacks the context to truly and accurately represent you and your position. You have too much to lose in a divorce to be treated as a bystander in this process.

Leadership Positioning Negotiation

All services are designed to build upon one another starting with 1:1 coaching. Once we get started, you can add consulting services relevant to your unique situation.

Coaching For Emotional Centering, Detachment & Decision-Making:

  • Emotional Positioning / Empowerment / Visioning
  • Negotiation & Leadership Skills Development
  • Empowerment & Sounding Board Support
  • Financial & Relationship Recovery

Consulting For Financial & Legal Positioning & Strategy:

  • Financial Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • Financial Outcomes Management
  • Legal Representation Identification
  • Legal & Financial Negotiation Strategy
  • Centralized Process Management


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