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I was recently on vacation … sitting on a beach … thinking to myself … now, THIS is how to live!”
Of course, this statement immediately led down the bottomless trail of the “IF ONLYs” …

“If only I had more money ….”
“If only I had a better job ….”
“If only I had made better decisions when I was younger ….”

And on and on and on ….

I quickly realized that I was making HUGE assumptions here – that living well was equated with money and that people with money were happier. I think most people make those assumptions … and money does make some things easier (though that might come with its own sacrifices). In thinking about it though, I’m not convinced that there really is a correlation between money and happiness.

And research supports the fact that money has very little to do with happiness at all. There are a number of surveys every year to identify the happiest country in the world (Australia, Switzerland or Norway in 2013 depending upon which one you want to believe). Interestingly, NONE of the happiest countries in these surveys were actually the richest when it came down to GDP, per this article. So, it seems money really CAN’T make you happier.

So, what does it mean to really LIVE WELL??

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