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Resolutions set us up for failure, so leverage the Law of Attraction to make true change in your life.

Apparently, this is the time, more than any other time of the year, when we’re allowed to dream. This is the time when we’re supposed to write down our goals or resolutions for the coming year. Fueled by our dreams, it is oh, so attractive to get swept up in the adrenalin rush of all the things we could achieve as we round the corner into a New Year. We leave the old year behind, along with all of our disappointments. And we look to the New Year with hope around all the things we could accomplish … and with excitement around what those accomplishments would bring to our lives. Unfortunately, those resolutions set us up for failure. Resolutions are traps because they are based on the premise that we just need to “do” more to get what we want. We create impossibly high goals for ourselves which can rarely be achieved. And if they weren’t, wouldn’t we have accomplished them already?

So, rather than fail again this year, I invite you to tap into the Law of Attraction instead. The Law of Attraction, quite simply, states that “like attracts like.” So, we attract good or bad experiences based on our thoughts ... based on who we choose to “be” in our lives. Our universe is one large mass of energy. Individually, we are each just comprised of energy.  Nobel Prize-winning physicists have proven that it is our thoughts, our consciousness, that pull this energy field together to create the world we see and experience within the limited spectrum of our senses. Our perception of the world is purely interpretation. Whatever we believe in, and observe, is created by the very fact that we believe it and are observing it. Our thoughts literally create the universe we live in. And because “like attracts like,” thinking about something means you invite it in – whether you want it or not. So, the trick is to actively focus on your positive intentions, while avoiding negativity, to manifest what you want.

Tap into YOUR Law of Attraction with these 5 steps:

State What You Want

You have to know what you want before you can focus on it. It is important to be very clear about what your positive intentions are, in as much detail as possible, for you to manifest them. Remember, your clarity of focus is what helps attract what you want back to you.

Write Down or Visualize What You Want

Once you know what your positive intentions are, write them down. Make them tangible. Put them in black and white so that you can see, and focus, on them every day. Or better yet, visualize them in color by creating a dream board. Dream boards help you pull together images that represent your positive intentions. Visualizing them in this way is incredibly powerful for focusing your energy on what you want.

Focus Your Energy On What You Want

Use your list or dream board to create a daily practice around focusing your energy on your positive intentions. The more you can make these things real in your mind, the faster they will come to you. Think of this focus as asking the universe for what you want. And frequency is key. Truly focus your mind, body and spirit on attracting these things to you … every day.

Appreciate What You Already Have

Gratitude is a powerful motivator of positive energy. Not only does it keep you in a positive mindset, it also helps you avoid negative attitudes and influences around you. And it is crucial that you nurture this positivity, since that is what you want to attract back to you.

Let Go Of Your Attachment To A Specific Outcome

Lastly, trust that the universe will send you back the positive energy you are sending to it. Trust that there is an abundance of positive energy for everyone. Let go of any preconceived ideas around how you will receive that energy back.  While you might have a very specific idea of what you want, you might receive this positive energy back in a different form – one that will have just as much, if not more, impact than what you had originally conceived. Miracles come in many forms. Unless you have a positive mindset, you won’t even be able to see them for what they are. And if you can’t recognize them, you won’t be able to receive them.

Channeling this new state of “being” will bring immense change, positive change, into your life – far more than an impossible to-do list. So, forget your resolutions. Create your positive intentions. And have fun trusting that 2014 will bring you everything you want!


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