Laura Miolla

Is money your friend? Your enemy? Your lover? As a divorce coach, I know what you believe about money WILL impact your divorce negotiation and also the outcome of your divorce. You need to know what YOUR money stories are, so they don't sabotage you in this process.

Watch my quick video so that you can shift YOUR perspective on divorce and learn from my experience as a coach!

Believe it or not, your beliefs around money have a HUGE impact on the outcome of your divorce … so make sure they’re the right ones!

You use money ... need it ...  interact with it … every day … but, do you LOVE money? Your relationship with money has deep seated roots in your subconscious and is the result of the money stories you’ve grown up with and internalized. You probably don’t even recognize that you have them … and yet, you are making money decisions based on those stories every day. While that might have been just fine in the past … now, during divorce, you need to expose and debunk those stories if you don’t want them to shortchange your present and sabotage your future. I know you’re already overwhelmed with the emotional whirlwind created by the end of your marriage … but the process of divorce isn’t about your relationship. It’s about the equitable division of your assets and debt. It’s a legal process. And it’s a process that will either move you closer to … or further from … what you want in your new life. Learn from my perspective as a divorce coach, so that you are creating what you want in your divorce!

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