Laura Miolla

Our culture has MANY self-limiting beliefs  about divorce.

And one of the biggest is specifically about kids and divorce. I'm here to tell you that divorce does not damage kids. And it's not just me saying that. Over 20 years of developmental psychology studies have proven that divorce doesn't damage kids. In this video, I tell you what DOES ... as well as all the other things you need to be thinking about in your divorce if you have children.

Watch my quick video so that you can shift YOUR perspective on divorce!

Here’s how to talk about divorce with your kids and let go of the negativity – for everyone involved. 

Often, the negative emotions associated with divorce make people forget that divorce is about the marriage, not the family. They are connected, but not the same. You will always be your kids’ mom or dad. And you will always be co-parents with your ex. Don’t ever forget that. Your family might look and feel different, but it is still the same when it comes to what is most important. The things that create and sustain a family are love, acceptance and support – not money, where you live or a legal document that says two people are married. I might not be a wife anymore after my divorce, but I can still provide those things to my children as a co-parent. And I do. I created a rule for myself early on that I would put my children’s wellbeing first throughout this process. So, I did my best to not let my situation bleed into their lives unnecessarily.  And I was mindful throughout this process, this transformation, to preserve my boys’ sense of safety, acceptance and family as much as possible. It’s not easy, but it’s the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life.

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