Laura Miolla

How do you know if you're in a GREAT relationship? After 8 years of being a coach, I have ONE simple question that tells me if you're in a great relationship or not. Watch my brief video to find out what that is for yourself!

So many people come to me ... confused, paralyzed, stuck ... about whether they should stay in a relationship or end it. They are agonized about having to make this decision, but they are also aware that they can't stay in the relationship as it is. Fundamentally, I always believe that the answer is in the question. If you are asking those questions, it means you are unhappy in your relationship. And it tells me that you ALREADY know the answer ... but you are afraid of what that answer means. Making huge change is difficult for most people, not only because there is so much to figure out, but also because you are afraid of what that change says about you. Considering that these folks come to me looking for clarity, I can't just say ... well, you already know the answer. People don't tend to like that much .... 😉

So, there is one question I always ask:

Do you feel CHOSEN & CHERISHED every day in your relationship?

If the answer is no ... you will never be happy where you are AND staying in that relationship will require you to compromise yourself every day. The ONLY thing that keeps two people together is CHOICE. People think it's commitment, but you have to have choice before commitment. You have to have choice to DRIVE commitment. So, why stay in a relationship if you aren't being chosen? The longer you stay in THAT relationship, the more opportunities you will miss to find the person who DOES choose you, cherish you, every day.

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