Laura Miolla

There's a lot of fear when you're struggling with your divorce decision ... so learn this one simple way to minimize that fear and move forward with more confidence and clarity!

My clients tell me “I knew 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago that it wasn’t going to work.”  And it’s clear that all of the self-doubt and confusion that kept them stuck has now turned into self-blame and regret for having spent so much of their lives in that situation. There is no perfect time to get divorced. The process can take years. So, let go of your expectations and find the guidance and knowledge that will help you navigate this process better. You can eliminate a lot of unnecessary fear by making the unknown known.

Let go of the past. You are powerless to change it. What’s important is RIGHT NOW and what you are going to do to create a better future for yourself. Your time on this Earth is finite. Knowing that your life is a precious resource, how do you want to use it? The longer you stay stuck in indecision, the harder it will be to move forward and recreate your life. Only you can decide what’s best for you. So, follow your heart … and your gut … and do what you’ll be proud of later.

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