Laura Miolla

Embrace the opportunity divorce gives you ... peace, freedom, clarity ... and the list goes on and on. Watch my brief video to learn how divorce could be the best opportunity of your life!

There is a stigma in our culture about divorce and so many people ... especially women ... associate it with failure and shame. Why? Nature teaches us that EVERYTHING is in constant motion. There is a beginning, middle and end ... the natural life cycle of all things. And so, relationships also have a life cycle. It is the natural order. You are constantly growing, changing, evolving. And what served you 1, 10 or 15 years ago might not serve you now. I believe divorce is a gift. It allows us to honor who we are by leaving unfulfilling relationships. It gives us opportunity to learn and grow in ways we can't foresee. And it says that we aren't tied to something that isn't 100% of what we want.

As a leadership and divorce coach, I am often accused of being "pro-divorce." That isn't the case. I am "pro-freedom" ... meaning I don't believe anyone should be miserable in their relationships. You get one shot at this thing called LIFE. Why spend any moment of it being miserable? And while I'm not "pro-divorce," I will admit to being "anti-marriage." I believe the most powerful commitment two people can make to each other is to CHOOSE each other every day ... knowing that in this big, wide world, there a million choices available ... and yet, you are choosing each other. Being in CHOICE is where you are most powerful. Marriage is the opposite of choice. It says that NO MATTER WHAT I DO, you are still tied to me. That is typically when people stop appreciating each other. Stop being present with one another. Stop respecting each other. You are both powerless in that relationship. You have no choice. I truly believe that divorce is an opportunity for growth, positive change and leadership!

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