Laura Miolla

There's a wise saying ... dance like nobody is watching ... text and email like it will be read in court someday!

Even though every U.S. state is no fault when it comes to divorce, social media has become a major source for providing documented evidence in family law courts.  Everything in the public domain can be used as evidence ... AND it documents specific times, places, spending patterns, communication, actions and intention. Facebook is the #1 source of online divorce evidence. And 1 in 3 litigated divorces start as online affairs. Be smart about social media so it isn't used against YOU!  Watch my brief video to learn what you need to know!

Social media claims to connect us in ways that have never been possible before. And yet, in reality, it creates disconnection ... with ourselves and others around us. Too often, people can't resist the lure of posting all that is new, happy and shiny in their lives ... especially when it comes to new relationships. To what end? Ultimately, it is about validation. It has been scientifically proven that posting selfies of yourself on social media is an actual mental health disorder. Clearly, you want to be seen in ways that you don't feel you are in your "real" life. Social media offers you that promise, but it doesn't deliver. It can't give you (or anyone) validation that is so desperately missing in the rest of your life. Only you can give yourself that. And people get into heaps of trouble on social media trying to prove how awesome their lives are ... especially now that the court system considers it as evidence. Remember, this is time-stamped data that can track your location and be found for years afterward. You don't need to live your life in public ... especially when it can become public record.

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