Laura Miolla

Let’s face it.

Most people don’t live a Brady Bunch kind of life. If your marriage didn’t work, the reality is that there is a reason for it. Something was broken and couldn’t be fixed. It could have been the small things or it could have been something really big. You might not have even realized you were on that road. But now you know. And if it’s broken, why would you want it back? Divorce is a gift. Think of it as the very thing that you needed to acknowledge that the marriage wasn’t working and that it wouldn’t work in the future. There is no doubt it is a really big sign that says you need to find a new path. You can’t stay where you are.

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If stepping outside your comfort zone is the only path to personal growth, then divorce puts you in the express lane!

No one wants to talk about divorce. Most people will do their best to avoid it … and you … entirely. In most peoples’ minds, divorce equals failure. Failure is a perspective though … and one you don’t need to internalize. You might not realize it, but you actually have a choice. Choose to embrace a new perspective, one that is far more empowering for you. And frankly, what do you have to lose by finding the positive in yourself and in this situation? Fear? Self-doubt? Anger? You REALLY don’t need those. Trust me, those emotions aren’t helping you. You might not even realize it, but they’re actually keeping you stuck. So, choose a perspective that WILL help you on this journey. You might find a new you and a new life along the way!

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