Laura Miolla

Divorce fear is very real. So, are you motivated by fear or desire in your divorce? Each will take you down a different path, so watch my brief video to learn the difference and how to choose the path that serves you best.

Unfortunately, most people are paralyzed by fear when it comes to divorce. The massive change caused by divorce keeps people stuck in unfulfilling relationships. Our fear feeds us with all the worst things we can imagine if we try to make that change. It tells us that we aren't powerful enough to make that change POSITIVE, instead of negative. This is scarcity thinking ... and if you insist on believing all of those negative, self-limiting beliefs, you will CREATE them.

The better approach to divorce is through desire. What do you want? What does your ideal relationship look like? Does that match the one you are in right now? If not, what changes do you want to make in your life? What would make you happy? Let's create a vision of what you WANT, so we can start taking the small steps necessary to make it happen. The choices you make today create the future you want tomorrow ... so why not base those choices on what you want versus what you don't? By stepping into abundance, you can actually be powerful in this process ... this CHANGE ... and make it your own. You are not a powerless victim when you are moving forward on the path you have created for yourself!

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