Laura Miolla

Negotiating a parenting plan in a divorce is one of the trickiest parts of this negotiation ... and one with financial consequences you need to be aware of!  Watch my brief video to learn more about how you can create a plan that works for your family.

Creating a parenting plan is one of the most challenging parts of a divorce negotiation. You would think the hardest part would be about money, but the parenting plan is even trickier. As parents, both spouses are invested in their relationship with their children and neither side wants to give anything up. And of course, the level of custody is directly tied to child support ... which now tangles up the emotional piece related to your children with the financial considerations of child support. In ALL ways, this part of the parenting plan can feel like loss. And getting over THAT hurdle in this negotiation can be incredibly challenging. There also aren't a ton of options for you in custody, parenting plans or child support. The #1 priority of family law court is the health and well-being of the child, so there are more defined guidelines around what a court wants to see in a divorce agreement. And of course, this means that YOU has far less control over this part of the negotiation than you think. To make this process easier, it is critically important that you know what you want AND why you think that is better for your children and your family overall. You also need to check your emotions and expectations at the door. The BEST way to get what you want in divorce is to be calm, rational and clear-headed. If nothing else, keep in mind that you are modeling this for your children!

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