Laura Miolla

The key to conquering overwhelm can be simple. Watch my brief video to learn how you can conquer your overwhelm rather than have it conquer you!

When you experience overwhelm and anxiety, consider it a red flag that your inner, subconscious mind has flung you into a future scenario where everything around you is BIG and IMPORTANT ... and YOU are small and powerless. It is a distraction that keeps you from being truly in the PRESENT ... where you ARE powerful. It tells you that you are no match for what you want in the future or what you want to achieve. It's just a signal though.  It's your body's way of getting you to pay attention to the fact that your PRESENT MOMENT is being sabotaged. These inner critics are keeping your focus and attention on all this BIG stuff that you need to do. Once you invest in these future scenarios as true ... your subconscious mind (your ego) will start creating an internal story about yourself as powerless ... that will then MAKE it true.

And it prevents you from creating the positive change you want one step at a time. And THAT is the ONLY way positive change is created ... one small baby step at a time. So, the next time you feel overwhelmed or anxious ... listen to it! It is your body's alarm bell telling you to come back to the present moment. Breath. Take small steps. Every choice you make today creates the future you want tomorrow. So, be powerful HERE in the NOW.

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