Laura Miolla

What is coaching vs therapy? So often, they are both grouped together in our society ... and yet, they are quite different in terms of methodology, practice and philosophy. So, watch my brief video below to learn more about it and identify which one would be the better fit for you, your goals and your situation.

If coaching is a fairly new industry, having been founded in the 1980’s and only popularized for the last 15 years, then divorce coaching is still in its infancy. Life Coaching is a practice that helps people identify and achieve personal goals.

Life Coaching is often confused with (or at least not well-differentiated from) therapy. The difference is that, we as Life Coaches, believe our clients are Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole. There is nothing to be fixed. Our clients are not broken – rather, they just need to achieve some clarity to see the world of possibility in front of them. Additionally, coaching focuses on the present and the future versus the past. The past is just a story – one that we can re-write to empower us and move us forward rather than hold us back from our dreams and fullest potential.

In the last few years, coaching has become mainstream — the word “Life Coach” was even listed for the first time in the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary in August, 2012.  You can find coaches specializing in business, leadership, health, relationships, careers, etc.  – all areas where people are experiencing, or want to experience, transition.  It is important to remember that there are many different types of coaches out there – and the term is used very loosely. Beware though — anyone can say they are a coach – any kind of coach – without any required system of qualification. Currently, there is only one recognized certification for Life Coaching via the International Coaching Federation. While I haven’t confirmed this statistic, I’ve been told that 85% of coaches currently practicing are NOT certified.

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