Laura Miolla

Asking for help makes most people deeply uncomfortable. I know because of what my clients tell me ... and I know because of my own struggles with it in the past. Watch my brief video below to hear my new perspective that asking for help is actually a gift.

I hadn't originally planned on including this topic in my video series, but an interesting thing happened. I launched a quiz called Will Your Marriage Last? and the only comments I received were on the question that asked: Who would you go to if you had a problem. Several respondents commented that they wouldn't go to anyone. I find that fascinating ... especially in the context of a relationship. What it tells me though, is that they each had a story about what asking for help would MEAN about themselves and their identity.

I suspect that those stories have a lot to do with values around independence, accomplishment and self-reliance ... but I also believe that those values are hijacked by your saboteurs who tell you that asking for help would compromise your values or that you need to be perfect to be in alignment with those values. Well, we are all just human beings after all. We are all gloriously imperfect. And vulnerability creates connection.

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